Sailor Earth
Sailor Earth (Emerlanda Diaz Lavashi) represents the well known 3rd planet closest to the sun.
Emerlanda is different than the other Sailor Scouts in that she is humble and balanced with her thinking. She takes to nurturing others, asks for help when needed and has realistic goals for the future, along with her education.
Sailor Earth is of a sweet temperment though drawn the least of the four Sailor Scouts, making it hard to display her genuine qualities.

Story History:
Present: Emerlanda lives in the suburbia of Crystal Tokyo with her parents and little brother and sister. She spends most of her time with her schooling and her gymnastics routines, the combined use of the ribbon and ball. Any other free time she devotes to the needs of her family and sometimes her friends in which she values those relations highly. Emerlanda aims to be an Olympic gymnast and being able to represent her country but emphasizes that once that is over, her studies must be able to carry her. The fragile balance of time and honesty she managed became more sporadic when one of Queen Serenity's guardian cats managed to identify Emerlanda, Fior (Sailor Sun), and Castidle (Sailor Darkmoon) as the New Wave Soldiers.
Emerlanda, being the most responsible and most versatile of the New Wave Soldier turns out to be joining the trio in a rescue mission. The Sailor Scouts from Crystal Tokyo have been abducted, and leave it to the rookies to do a professional's job and find them.
Silver Millenium: Princess Earth stood more as dutchess among the courts of the solar system as she was not actually related to the Earth's royalty. While Prince Endymion would be away she took on the responsibilities of his court and managing the daily politics of Earth. Many of the royals amongst the other planets took pity on her as she was forced to sacrifice love over her duties, being rather shunned for the beautiful Moon Princess.
Though forced to her duties, Princess Earth knew that the Prince would eventually wed to the Moon Princess, leaving her as the sole heir to Earth. With this she took to her duties seriously though longed for proper happiness.
Things became chaotic in the Moon Kingdom as Queen Beryl and her forces attacked the Moon Kingdom during one of the many royal visits. Princess Earth took to fending off the negative forces, biding the Prince some time to hopefully save the Moon Princess. Upon sensing his death her grief overcame her, leaving her vulnerable to the Negaverse's attacks and subsequently died.

General History:
Sailor Earth was created in the early autumn of 2000 as a way to have a Sailor Scout to represent a planet without one.
Sailor Earth's colors are meant to represent the ground that defines earth, rather than blue, since most of the other Sailor Scouts have such colors present.

Story Statistics:
Name: Emerlanda Diaz Lavashi
Scout Name: Sailor Earth
Gender: Female
Born: October 22
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"/162.6 cm
Weight: 100 Lbs/45.45 Kg
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Garden salad
Favorite Color: Green
Likes: Gymnastics, animals, family, friends, cute things
Dislikes: Rough sports, nagging, fighting, keeping secrets
Strengths: Flexible, agile, sensible
Weaknesses: Small, secrets
Transformaton: New Wave Earth Make-up
Attacks: Earth Ribbon Ball, Earth Cosmic Power

Sub-characters to Sailor Earth:

New Wave Soldiers manga. Title page. Excerpt.
New Wave Soliders comic

Related Song(s):
-Hilary Duff-Come Clean
-Sailor Earth lives up to the expectations of her family, friends and peers, where she comes across (and generally is) as the sweet, honest, loving and caring young lady that all girls should emulate. Her being a Sailor Scout becomes a terrible strain for her and the secret that goes along with it is also quite a burden. As the song may imply, all she wants is her honesty back and the life she had before she had to live the lie that is of a New Wave Soldier. Girls
-This song can be applied to all three of the New Wave Soldiers (Sailor Darkmoon, Sailor Earth, Sailor Sun) since it is a song applied to a group, and what better group than this one?
'Future Girls' is really what the New Wave Soldiers are. All three live in Crystal Tokyo, and are each a powerful Scout that is kept in reserve in case things turn ugly. During the duration in which they're most active their goal is to locate the other Scouts. Now not only are they the 'Future Girls', they're also going 'around and round in circles'. But in general their moves are sphere based, as is how they go through the motions to use them. The song is high energy, involves motions and can give light to the determination that each has.


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